Why you should work with a Holistic Nutritionist

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I get asked this question a lot - "Why should I work with a Holistic Nutritionist?"

Let me start by describing a common scenario I hear a lot with my clients...

Joe is 50 years old, married with 2 kids and has been "generally healthy" his entire life. He works in sales and enjoys going on walks with his dog when he can. Joe goes for his annual physical and upon looking at his latest bloodwork, his doctor tells him he has high cholesterol. After checking his blood pressure, he is told his systolic blood pressure is elevated and that he should be monitoring it at home. This concerns Joe because heart disease runs in his family. His doctor sends him away with a prescription for a statin drug, tells him to reduce his salt intake and to get his bloodwork rechecked in 6 months. Otherwise, he is told to lose a few pounds, eat healthy and keep up the exercise. Joe leaves the doctors office feeling confused, concerned and helpless. WHAT NOW?!

Before I continue, I want to explain that I have NOTHING against the medical system and that I am NOT against prescription medication. I believe there is a time and a place for healthcare practitioners, medication, interventions and supplementation and that your circle of care should include your family doctor as well as alternative healthcare providers.

The trends in health are showing that more and more people are looking for natural, minimally invasive methods to better their health than in previous years. No longer are people wanting to be put on a list of prescription medications and left without answers as to what caused their disease in the first place. ⁣

Cue the popularity of holistic health and healing.⁣

The approach of holistic nutrition stems from the idea of using whole, minimally processed foods to support health and wellbeing. I don’t prescribe cookie cutter diets, ready made meals or low fat foods. Goodbye weight loss bars and low fat diets. Welcome to real, sustainable eating that works to improve your health from the inside out.⁣

My approach focuses on natural, nourishing foods where I help you identify the best choices for your individual needs. I assess your nutritional intake and adjust accordingly in a way that works for your lifestyle and your family.⁣ We work together to change your lifestyle to incorporate regular exercise, stress reduction techniques and positivity.

In our world, we don’t call this dieting. We call this living to your full potential while healing from the inside out.⁣ In Joe's scenario, we would work together to address the cause of his cholesterol and blood pressure issues using whole foods, appropriate exercise and stress reduction techniques.

If you feel like you’re in need of a lifestyle overhaul and are looking for a trusted professional, let’s connect and get you back to feeling your best.⁣

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