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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

So I thought I'd kick off my official blog by introducing myself to those who don't already know me. My name is Hailey Rose Malkin (yes, I always use my middle name) and I live in Vaughan, Ontario with my soon-to-be hubby Mike and our new rescue fur baby Rudy King. I am a world traveller, chocolate lover, exercise enthusiast and self-taught baker and my passion is teaching people how to navigate their health and wellness through health food and feel-good exercise.

On that note, until recently I was a full-time student studying everything there is to know about chronic disease management. I completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (minor in Psychology) and went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Fitness Science (cool, right?!). If that wasn't enough, I recently graduated as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. I SWEAR - I'm done...for now!

My niche practice focuses on chronic disease management for cardiovascular and metabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar imbalance along with many other related conditions. My passion stems from my previous work in cardiac rehabilitation where I worked with this clientele to better their lives AFTER a heart attack or stroke. After some time, I decided I wanted to be on the preventative side rather than the treatment side and I transitioned into clinical practice here in the Greater Toronto Area.

I look forward to turning these online connections into real life ones and if you resonate with any of the above, let's book a free discovery call and connect!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for future blog posts related to health and wellness to come! And if you don't already follow me on Instagram, check out my account @holistic.hail


Hailey Rose

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