My Philosophy on Sustainable Weight Loss

When it comes to a weight loss program, the way I see it is that you have 2 options...

OPTION 1: You can restrict, deprive and cut out all the foods you love to lose weight.

OPTION 2: You can add in healthy foods, feel-good exercise and make small, sustainable changes to lose weight.

The honest truth is that both of these options work in the short term. Which one would you choose?

Rather than focusing on removing, restricting and depriving, let's think about what you can ADD to your life to improve your health...

💫15 minutes of daily movement

💫A couple extra glasses of water each day

💫Balanced, satisfying meals

💫Raw crunchy veggies as snacks & leafy greens at meals

💫More time set aside for self-care

💫Nutrient dense foods

💫One more hour of sleep each night

💫More time spent outside in the fresh air

OPTION 1 is the "sexier" choice because it's quick, mindless and impressive, but the chances of you keeping off the weight you quickly lost are slim to none. Here's the thing...OPTION 2 takes a lot more self-control, self-realization and time to lose the weight. But the good news is that you can successfully keep it off as a result of the lasting lifestyle changes you have made. In my opinion, life is too short to deprive ourselves of the things we love most and there is a much more manageable way to lose weight and keep it off.

The last thing I want for my clients is for them to become chronic dieters for their entire lives. This term describes someone who jumps from diet program to diet program as their weight fluctuates. The thing that the diet industry does not tell you is that you DO NOT need to diet your entire life to be happy, healthy or at a comfortable weight. There is a happy medium that not a lot of people talk about and that's exactly where I want YOU to be.

Bottom line - in my practice, I choose OPTION 2 for my clients (& for myself) every single day and they thank me for it.

If you resonate with this post and would like to schedule a FREE DISCOVERY CALL, fill out the contact form or email so we can get up a time to chat about what that happy medium looks like for you.

- Hailey Rose Kaufmann, CNP, MFsc.

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