Bubby's Chicken Soup Hack

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The two things that are getting me through what feels like a bad dream right now are my curated collection of sweatsuits⁣ and the easiest recipe for soul warming chicken soup⁣ ever! I've tried the "boiling an entire raw chicken" method and let me tell you...I'm scarred for life. This is easy, giblet-free and honestly delicious. ⁣ I sincerely apologize to all the bubbys & grandmas out there who would shutter at this recipe but for those of us who have not mastered the art of boiling an entire chicken, this one’s for you! ⁣ ⁣ What you'll need:⁣ •4 tbsp Organika bone broth powder (chicken)⁣ •4 cups of hot water⁣ •1 medium white onion (chopped)⁣ •2 large carrots (peeled & chopped)⁣ •2 stocks of celery (chopped)⁣ •2 medium chicken breasts (boneless & skinless)⁣ •Salt & pepper (to taste) ⁣ ⁣

What you'll need to do: 1. Dissolve the bone broth powder into the hot water in your Instant Pot.⁣ 2. Add the chopped veggies and chicken breasts and seas on with salt & pepper accordingly.⁣ 3. Using the SOUP function on your Instant Pot, pressure cook the soup for 20 minutes on high.⁣ 4. Manually release the pressure and shred the chicken breast in the soup. Season with more salt & pepper if necessary.⁣ ⁣ I purchased my Organika Bone Broth powder on Amazon.ca which is super convenient at a time like this! I know Natures Emporium, Whole Foods and Ambrosia also carry Organika Products.⁣

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